De theorie van Gérard Genette is een raamwerk om subtiele relaties tussen verschillende teksten te achterhalen. Volgens Genette zijn er vijf soort transtekstuele relatie:

Intertextuality: quotation, plagiarism, allusion when citing another text is an explicit intertextual relation.

Paratextuality: the relation between a text and its “paratext” – that which surrounds the main body of the text, such as titles, headings, prefaces, epigraphs, dedications, acknowledgements, footnotes, illustrations, etc.

Architextuality: designation of a text as part of a genre or genres or framing by readers. This category spans from critical texts (comments, reviews)

Metatextuality: explicit or implicit critical commentary of one text on another text.

Hypotextuality: the relation between a text and a preceding “hypotext” – a text or genre on which it is based but which it transforms, modifies, elaborates
or extends (including parody, spoof, sequel, translation).

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