Brian Shumway is a New York City based photographer whose work blurs the line between portraiture, documentary and fine art photography. He has worked for the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, XXL and the New York Times, among others. Of this series he writes, ‘Black Girl is an ongoing portrait series about young black women in the New York City area who aspire to be models of all types. It grew out of a perceived need to expand my work beyond just documentary and into portraiture and ‘fashion.’ So, I began to shoot models, contacting them through a modeling website. As I did, I noticed something. We all realize, at least in some way, that the mainstream fashion world is white-washed, especially at the high-fashion end, and successful black models are very rare by comparison. What I found was that even though there are so few black professional models, literally thousands and thousands of young black women (just within 50 miles of my zip code) are striving to attain that dream, or at least their interpretation of it’.

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