Maxim is an Eastern Europe born portrait photographer currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Seeking to photograph interesting, natural, vintage-souled, humble, honest, passionate, uninhibited, and free-spirited characters with whispering beauty.

One thought on “Maxim Vakhovskiy

  1. Dear Maxim,

    I’m a 2nd year student at the West London University studying a Photography Foundation Diploma. My main subject of interest are portrait photography however, try different fields of creativity within the same subject. At present for one of my modules, I am undertaking a project which relates to Black beauty ideals within the Advertising Industry and focusing on the subject of colourism and black representation.

    Came across your page, and was taken aback by the simplistic beautiful way in which, you construct your images. A black Afro Caribbean woman myself, it’s refreshing to see examples of real bodies, a cocktail of different body images, so very rarely seen in mainstream advertising or as exhibited pieces. In relation to your work I think about the Photographer Mapplethorpe who’s objective was to make the subjects he’d photographed the object of the “gaze”. On observation some of your work shows example of his style. Thank you very much for sharing. I will most definitely make notes relating to your photography for my workbook.

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