Born in 1967, Anton Kannemeyer completed an MFA at the University of Stellenbosch in 1997; he lives in Cape Town. Together with Conrad Botes, he has been at the forefront of introducing a comic and satirical aesthetic to South African art. He and Botes were the co-founders and are the ongoing co-editors of the Bitterkomix series, which started in 1992 and has become revered for its subversive stance and dark humour.

The prints of Kannemeyer investigate racism in Africa. Ironically he is frequently accused of being a racist by people who take a superficial look at his work. He has been criticised for making use of “offensive, racist imagery”. Kannemeyer himself said that he gets “lots of hate mail from white Afrikaners”. It is the continued existence of racism and double standards in Africa that Kannemeyer is looking at. With his confrontational images and humour he brings to attention prejudices that can then be dealt with and hopefully be done away with.

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