Ariston Jacks creates a precise and decisive swath through the world of fine art. His multimedia images serve as collages that combine ancient African culture, American culture, and the social phenomena of the 21st century.

Native to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, art has been Ariston’s childhood landscape matriculating into adulthood. He won regional art competitions before even entering middle grades. After serving seven years in the U.S. Navy, Jacks returned to Arkansas and in 2002 completed a B.S. degree from the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. He designed the UAPB (lion logo) mascot and was one of 3 finalists out of over 6,900 entries for the state of Arkansas quarter design competition. In addition, he did professional photography and design for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service for 6 years. In 2008, Jacks earned a M.A. degree in studio painting from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and currently serves as the Art Coordinator for the Creative Expressions Program at the Arkansas State Hospital. This State Program positively impacts the lives of Arkansans and seeks to raise awareness for individuals living with mental illness through the visual arts. The art program serves the entire psychiatric hospital facility through 13 weekly classes that empower individuals by providing instruction as well as visual art exhibition opportunities in the Little Rock & North Little Rock community.

Primarily exploring Africa and Europe, Ariston has traveled extensively to inform his cross- cultural aesthetic. Using painting, printmaking, and photography, he creates images that inform others of an outlook that is void of ethnocentric perspectives regarding global stereotypes. Ariston Jacks’ use of mathematical equations, cultural icons, metaphysical philosophy, and mixing luminescent powder with acrylic paint are where the uniqueness in his artwork rests. Conciliating darkness and light, “alter images” become visible when his works are removed from light.

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