Michelle Robinson was born an identical twin in Seoul, Korea in 1982 to a Korean mother and African American father. Shortly after her birth, the army based family moved to the United States where her parents split after a brief marriage.

Michelle lived a somewhat nomadic life growing up, bouncing from one state to another with her two sisters and her single mother. “My soul never really had the chance to settle because as soon as we arrived it was already time to leave,” she explains, “But I thank every passing change, for they have made me who I am today and most importantly, they have made my art what it is today”. Michelle’s tumultuous upbringing has clearly molded her artistic style. “Each new city, new community and new feeling just added to my palette and influenced new ideas”. With only a High School diploma and her unyielding passion for her craft, Michelle continues to strive to leave her mark on the Los Angeles art scene.

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