Jasmine Rose is an award-winning American Artist, Designer, Photographer, Owner of Laws of Nature and Editor at Go Vegan.org who lives and works in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Jasmine’s work has been featured on Fly, Afri-Love and AphroChic among others. Her current work explores African-American visual and popular culture from the mid to late twentieth century in the form of illustration, collage, writing and experimental film. Her work encompasses the ethereal beauty and essence of African-American femininity, sexuality and sociopolitical history.

Each work takes on a life its own through bold use of color, layers, subject matter and overall composition. Many of the collages and film reflect an interest in two specific types of African-American visual culture: beauty and fashion print advertising, Vietnam War, events surrounding the civil rights movement, as well as the black power movement of the 1960s to mid-1970s. Jasmine is interested in this particular time frame in American history due its revolutionary impact on American society as a whole. Her own upbringing as the daughter of two baby boomers also contributes and influences her interest in exploring this particular shift in American history.

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