Ulla Karttunen is a Finnish painter specializing in nail polish. She is interested in other fluids as well: blood, champagne, ketchup, sperm and tears. Because of its evanescence and material insignificance, a tear represents the most skilled art form. It is almost impossible to exhibit an original tear in a gallery, without drying it. A tear is a masterpiece, because it is too small and real for production and branding.

Karttunen has founded three churches, but all have fallen almost as soon as they were raised. The Church of the Gothic Apricot (established 2006) is said to have burnt even before it was constructed. One could only track from the place certain tones of fiery apricot or sublime charcoal black, the ingredients of gothic “aprigothic”. The Virgin-Whore Church (established 2008) was confiscated by the police on the very opening day. The Cappella Fatalità (2009) alludes to the circulation of life and death and cannot find a stable place.

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