Andrae Green’s paintings are bold and determinant, self reflexively translating content through the specificity of the surface and color, reconstituting their own context and subjectivity. Questions of race, national/self identity, and bodily migration permeate through the surface of a painting tradition, entering into an intricate dance in which Green insists on taking lead. The paintings then step into an act of performance, refusing to sit still long enough to be condemned to the tropes of a passive Western gaze. This brings forth their ability to peer directly back with a look of intense inquisition.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1978, Green held no reservations in fully addressing his role as not just a Jamaican artist, but as an artist of color, a painter at that, invoking a history that in tradition was not his to have. And he has carved out his space. To call Andrae Green an emerging artist would be to sit in a liminal stasis at a threshold his work has far transgressed. Having recently received his MFA in painting at the New York Academy of Art, he has since been selected for the Vermont Studio Center Residence, taken stay at the Contemporary Artist Center in Troy, New York, while showing in numerous selected exhibitions across Jamaica and the United States. This then should be of little surprise that Green is preparing as a nominee for Jamaica in the 2012 Beijing Biennale this coming fall. His practice envelops his work as he transmigrates the global plane, keeping anchored in his body and histories. And it is within, through, and outside of his body that he so lucidly transforms historical hegemonies while moving through the contemporary art discourse, refiguring the color placed upon him.

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