Growing up in London, ON, Canada in the 1970’s doesn’t immediately seem like a great source for one’s inspiration. Yet it shouldn’t surprise anyone that inspiration does come from unexpected places.

A tree. Stones on the road. A girl’s smile. An old man pausing to catch his breath. All things from the Creator are worthy of praise and study. This is where Michael C. Gibson began his journey not so long ago.

He trained at Toronto’s prestigious Sheridan College where he was presented with the “best artist” award by his faculty. This accolade was confirmation of a talent honed through many grueling years of study. Like a skilled craftsman, Michael meticulously labors on his art today. His consistent pursuit of fine detail has culminated into works that can best be described as photo-realistic. Yet his chosen tool to capture the world around us is the most humble of instruments: a pencil.

Humble yet formidable, Michael must often accompany his art with a small sign that reads “This is not a photograph” as people are amazed by what a pencil can do. This amazement has led to further praise. Michael has won awards and acclaim in juried competitions and exhibitions all over North America.

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