Raúl Gueera is not African but has great interest in African people(s) and culture. Raúl Guerra refers to himself as an eclectic-multilayered traditional artist in possession of a computer, which he uses to keep in touch with the ever-evolving digital world.

Born in the Spanish province of Málaga, Ronda, he spends most of his time drawing, painting, designing, and creating new love/light-formulas. For him, art pertains to every important aspect of his life.

Raúl wasn’t able to isolate the type of art he does but says: “it all coincides with and lies within my perpetual search for extreme beauty as a personal idea. That is, not just the edges of beauty as a concept, but the essence of beauty itself. Therefore yes, Africanized artworks, Fantasy stuff, Realism, children books are the areas my work shows most interest.”

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