Born and raised in California, USA, Melinda Byers is one of America’s foremost and popular artists of nostalgic and ethnic art.She discovered her love for art at a young age, and vividly remembers sponge painting as a four year old, at primary school. Whilst at a grammar school, Melinda Byers was awarded many art certificates and one art teacher, in particular, introduced her to watercolours, which is the medium she has favoured throughout her career. After school she worked at a dental practice, whilst painting in her spare time. However, she soon took up painting full-time and began participating in many exhibitions at leading galleries in America.Melinda Byers is a self-taught artist who has not undergone any formal training. Before starting a painting, she spends on average 150-200 hours preparing the scene she has chosen to paint. This includes activities such as finding models and making their clothes, and taking photographs.She has won many awards over the years, including several first place prizes and three ‘Best Of Show’ awards. She has also donated many of her original paintings to charities to raise money for hospitals around her home town.

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