Olaf Hajek is one of Germany’s most renowned illustrators and has, through countless works, developed his personal and frequently awarded style.

Hajek decomposes the borders between authenticity and thought, South American folklore, mythology, religion, history, and geography. More than anything else his work explores the opposition between imagination and reality in the context of western cultures.

Hajek focuses enthusiastically on wonder, heroic acts, hallucinations, and fairytale motifs. With artistic virtuosity and intellectual calculation he relocates and recombines various captions of reality, planting them within new and exciting mystical connotative frameworks. Disproportional figures are often depicted posed in front of theatrical fore- and backgrounds.

Hajek’s images are generally created by applying acrylic to cardboard, and resemble Cuban advertising posters from the 1960’s on account of the technique with which he creates artificial patina. They retain valuable graphic feel despite their painted appearance.

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