Mário Macilau is a photographer (of fragments) of reality. Macilau is a teller of stories and as he narrates he meditates through his images on the social, political and economic environment in his country and in the world, which he explores in its unfeigned naked and raw form. As he states himself, he does not stage or create the photographic moment. His images are instantaneous. He does not seek them, he finds them. Camera in hand, he approaches the countless anonymous people who appear in his work – it is the movement of contemporary man and his relationship with space that interest him. The unadorned body thus becomes the protagonist of the realities he captures. In the instants, there is a silence that presents itself and holds our gaze. This silence allows us to penetrate the intensity of the images and the power of the themes. Macilau’s photos recount distant and specific stories as if at random. Through his images, he reveals to us a little of the World. Of one part of the World.

One thought on “Mario Macilau

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    I came across this amazingly talented photographer from Mozambique a few weeks ago while doing some research… now everyone seems to be talking about him! His work is absolutely beautiful so it’s not surprising. If you’re interested in learning more about Mario Macilau he will be featured in an episode of Al Jazeera’s documentary series Artscape – The New African Photography from Monday 27 May.

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