Mwamba Mulangala was born in 1976 in Mbala, Northern Province of Zambia. He is a graduate of Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka, Zambia where he received his Art Teachers’ Diploma. Mwamba has exhibited in a two man exhibition and group exhibitions locally and internationally, including a group exhibition themed Realizing an African Renaissance at the Times Warner Center at Millenia Fine Art in New York City, U.S.A in 2008.

In 2003 he had a solo exhibition themed Kumwesu (A place Where One Comes From) at The Dubuque Museum of Art, U.S.A. He has had six solo exhibitions and in 2009, he held a solo exhibition at The Lusaka National Museum themed Resonance Within. This was an exhibition that stemmed from his research on the northwestern culture of Zambia where he employed their cultural symbolism and spirituality into his work. Mwamba was the 1999 recipient of the Henry Tayali Award for Best Two-Dimensional Artist in Zambia.

Apart from exhibiting his own artwork, Mwamba is an active member of the local art community. He has served on as an executive committee member of the Zambia National Visual Arts Council of Zambia and is currently serving on the organizing committee of Insaka International Artists Trust in Zambia. Over the years, he has been a volunteer visual arts instructor for kasisi orphanage and is currently working with street children, orphans and vulnerable children at lubuto in Zambia. He lives in Zambia and works from a home-based studio. Mwamba is also a visual arts teacher at the American International School of Lusaka.

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