Manny Vega (born February 10, 1956) is an American painter, illustrator, printmaker, muralist, mosaicist, and set and costume designer. His work portrays the history and traditions of the African Diaspora that exist in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Born in the South Bronx, New York, Vega studied at the High School of Art and Design in New York City from 1970-1974. He joined the artist collective Taller Boricua in 1979 where he studied through 1986. While there he was also a pupil of legendary Harlem printmaker Robert Blackburn at his Printmaking Workshop from 1980-1990.

For the last 25 years, Manny has been intentionally building a bridge between his life in urban New York City and Salvador, Bahia, where he has been able to recognize cultural and spiritual facets of his life in both locations. He has a deep commitment to the preservation of our historical existence as well as innovation to reflect present day influences. His devotion to craftsmanship, together with his appreciation for history have created a unique and important body of work that portray the humanity and dignity of a people in these times

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