Paul Sika is an Ivorian fashion and advertising photographer/creative director/artist, who was born 07-01-1985 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. He studied software engineering at University of Westminster, United Kingdom between 2003–2007 and became a freelance photographer in 2008. In 2009 he was awarded a Chinua Achebe Center Fellowship.

His works consist of the vibrant views of Africa in Technicolor- saturation, they are in general oversaturated color shots. In his works; he creates carefully staged environments using actors. When he discovered American artist Andy Warhol; he referred to himself as Warhol’s grandson. He said ““When I saw LaChapelle’s work, I thought, this is amazing. How can someone have such imagination? And when you go back in history, David LaChappelle was mentored by Andy Warhol. So it was more of the artistic-father thing, that’s why I referred to myself as Andy Warhol’s grandson.”

As CNN World wrote; “Ivorian artist Paul Sika is no ordinary photographer. His “one-frame films” are eye-catching explosions of color, falling somewhere between cinema and photography. The influence of the big screen is obvious in Sika’s photographs, which resemble stills from an ultra-stylish, slightly surreal movie shot in glorious Technicolor.”

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